Gaining a new appreciation for pork producers

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Since joining the Pipestone System two years ago, Robin Gilbertson has learned a lot about the swine industry and gained a new appreciation for pork producers and their commitment to caring for their pigs. Robin started at the company in July

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Fly Control


Some of the most common pests within a hog operation include your common house fly and fruit fly. These pests are not only a risk for transferring diseases, but are also a nuisance to the animals and people that work

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Responsible Antibiotic Use

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What comes to mind when you hear the word “Antibiotics”?  The media is crawling with content about antibiotics these days.  For consumers – there is a growing concern about bacterial resistance to antibiotics, and sometimes these concerns are coupled with

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Welcome to the team, Dr. Joseph Yaros!


Joseph originally grew up in upstate New York with three twin brothers(a twin himself and 13 year old twin brothers) on a 1000 ewe sheep farm. He spent his summers showing pure bred Suffolk sheep at the county and state

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