Shareholders Recognized in Three States


Pork industry organizations in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota honored the following Pipestone System shareholders in January at separate events. The Iowa Pork Producers Association gave the title of “Master Pork Producer” to Craig and Karen Wulfekuhle of Earlville, IA

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What’s In Your Ownership Agreement?


Sean Simpson General Counsel – Pipestone System Some Pipestone System sow units have operated for a number of years, and the original owners want to transition their interests to the next generation. You may be wondering, “How do I do

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PRRS Intervention: What We’re Doing


Dr. Joel Nerem PRRS control is critical to the overall health of the pig and to the financial success of pig producers. As a management company and a veterinary clinic, we’re focused on the control of PRRS for our shareholders

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Chris and Clare Veldhuizen Family, Edgerton, MN


“One generation makes. The next generation uses. The third generation loses.” Chris Veldhuizen heard this warning countless times from his grandfather Christiaan, who came to America from the Netherlands and moved his family to the farm north of Edgerton, MN,

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Craig and Karen Wulfekuhle, Earlville, IA


The Craig and Karen Wulfekuhle family. Craig Wulfekuhle has raised pigs for 12 years since returning from a stint in agribusiness. He currently owns and manages a wean-to-finish business. He also is president of a local sow unit that supplies

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