Rebuh Feeders: “Don’t Forget Your Roots”


Located at Kalona, IA, Claude Greiner not only owns shares in barns managed by the Ottumwa Veterinary Clinic—he built them. Raised on a farm near Keota, IA, Claude met Dr. Steve Menke when the veterinarian (then practicing in Richland, IA)

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Allegations Concerning Our Care of Animals

Dr. Carissa Odland

The undercover video made at one of Pipestone System’s sow farms and released to the media recently by the animal activist group Mercy for Animals is deeply disappointing and unfortunate. Initially, we learned of the allegations when the Pipestone County

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Meeting Our Ottumwa Friends

Editor’s Note: The Pipestone System and Pipestone Veterinary Clinic is growing and it will benefit all of us to understand the people and geography that make up this growth. Below is an interview that Swine Line conducted with Dr. Todd

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Effectiveness of Biosecurity Against PEDV

Almost a decade ago, the Pipestone System validated its transportation sanitation protocols against the PRRS virus. This fall, we conducted similar trials at South Dakota State University to determine if the protocols we have in place are effective against PEDV,

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