Manure Pumping Safety


By Marty Rost Many of our system and shareholder barns pump their manure pits in the spring, but pumping safety is not always top of mind. That’s because spring is a busy time, and we have lots of other things

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Preparing Your Barns for Spring


Dr. Adam Schelkopf Spring is usually a very positive time in the swine industry—a time when Midwestern producers dewinterize and thaw out their barns after being in a deep freeze for several months. It’s also an important time to verify

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The Very Latest on PED Virus


When I wrote an article for Swine Line late last fall, we had just finished testing our transportation protocols at South Dakota State University (SDSU), and these protocols proved to be effective against PED virus. We were also in the

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Sow Barn a Good Way to Diversify


Joel Overskei and his family own and operate two finishing barns near Nunda, SD, which is about 20 miles southwest of Brookings. From these barns, they send around 15,000 head of hogs to market annually. The Overskeis get all of

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