The Three T’s

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When it comes to charity at Pipestone, we believe in giving the “three T’s”; time, talent, and treasure.  For a business, writing a check can be easy, but the time and talent are harder to give.  This past month, Pipestone

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Market Review


By: Brian Stevens, President of Big Stone Marketing We have concluded our first quarter of 2015 and I have to say there wasn’t much to write home about as it relates to our pork markets.  Experts predicted that we’d see

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Time Savers in the Hog World


Dr. Cameron Schmitt Cutting corners in any aspect of life/work typically has implications at later points in time.  Similarly in pork production, we see “planting disease” in the spring and  “harvesting disease” in the fall.  As your schedule gets tight

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Little Sir Hamalot


Congratulations are in order to Aden Kruse, son of Steve and Dena Kruse, who was awarded Little Sir Hamalot at the Delaware County Pork producer banquet.  For years, the Delaware County Pork producers have chosen a boy as “Little Sir

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