Research Barn Provides Competitive Advantage

research barn

A new wean-to-finish barn built near Edgerton, Minnesota, has become an important tool for Pipestone Grow Finish (PGF) in providing information and services to their Nutrition customers. The barn is a 2,400 head wean-to-finish research barn will allow Pipestone to

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Give a Helping Ham

Indy Ham

Turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, three options of pie: the holidays are here, and many of us will be sitting at a table with too many options to fit on our plate.  Unfortunately, there are many families in our own communities

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Top 6 Swine Product FAQ’s Answered!

FAQ pic

Pipestone’s swine specialists are truly experts in their field, which is why producers across the Midwest trust them with questions on their swine products.  We’ve compiled a list of their Top 7 Frequently Asked Swine Questions Answered!  Get all the

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2017 Pork Congress Dates

Please make plans to attend the Pork Congress in your state. SD Pork Congress January 11 & 12, 2017 Ramkota Exhibit Hall in Sioux Falls, SD MN Pork Congress January 17 & 18, 2017 Minneapolis Convention Center Iowa

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