Antibiotic Resistance Myth Busters


Often we are so overwhelmed with information being shared – through main stream news, social media, and conversations with friends or co-workers.  It can be challenging to decipher what is true versus a myth.  As a veterinarian and mother of

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Preventing and Managing Heat Stress


Have you ever unloaded a group of pigs that are heat stressed following transportation? How do you manage transportation during months of high heat and humidity to prevent or minimize heat stress and transport losses? Here are a few tips

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Genetic Improvements Drive Success


When I was first being introduced to the swine industry six years ago, I barely scratched the surface on seeing how fast-paced the industry drove its own improvement. Growing up on a purebred beef cattle farm, the idea of upgrading

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Meet the Sturtevants


Generations of the Sturtevant family have raised crops and livestock on the same land in northwestern Illinois since the 1850s.  While the size and scope of the farm that Mark Sturtevant owns and operates with his father, brother and cousins,

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Are you prepared for the Food Safety Modernization Act?

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Food Safety Modernization Act: Highlights for pig producers and feed manufacturers It may only be June but many feed mills are currently gearing up for the September 18th deadline to be compliant with the newly installed Food Safety Modernization Act, or

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