Why Sequence?


You have the diagnostics in hand. The results tie your stomach in knots, the sample is PRRS virus  PCR positive. If you are lucky, you have not experienced this before but if you are like the other 99% of the

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Significant Changes Underway in the Pork Industry


By: Brian Stevens, President of Big Stone Marketing Here it is the middle of August and we have some pretty significant changes underway in the Pork Industry and I thought I should talk about it in this month’s newsletter.  The

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Step by Step Approach to Raising Pigs

Whipple (5)

Starting as a teenager, Ryan Weinkauf has taken a step by step approach to raising pigs and building his farming operation. Ryan grew up as the third generation on his family’s farm just outside of Pipestone, Minnesota. “Dad started raising

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Fly Control

Vander Poel_Scott

Some of the most common pests within a hog operation include your common house fly and fruit fly. These pests are not only a risk for transferring diseases but are also a nuisance to the animals and people that work

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