The Truth of the Matter


Recent stories in some well-read media publications make it very difficult for consumers to weed out the difference between the truth about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) versus assumptions. Media suggests that the livestock industry is not properly managing the antibiotic issue. 

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The Value of Maximizing Lactation Length


Pipestone has continued to study the effects of lactation length and have completed two large scale trials through our research facilities. The first trial was designed to understand lactation lengths impact on sow weight and growing pig performance.  We looked

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Heat Stress Alleviation in Lactating Sows by Cooling Pad Technology

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Heat stress has negative effects on sow production and reproduction performance. Heat stress has multiple impacts on animal metabolism and physiology. These include: increased body core temperature, homeorhetic adaptations that increase blood flow to the skin to dissipate radiant heat,

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