PART: Gathering Research and Broadening the Conversation


The development of bacteria resistant to antibiotics is a critical issue for human health, with 23,000 people dying each year from an AMR (antimicrobial resistance) infection.  A new program developed by Pipestone is focused gathering critical data about antibiotic resistance

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Strep Control

Dr. Emily McDowell

Streptococcus suis (commonly known as strep) is a very common bacterial agent present in all pigs. S. suis gets into the pigs’ bloodstream and then affects pigs throughout their entire body. Classic clinical signs of S. suis include fever, meningitis

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Investment in Prevention Medicine Pays Off for Pigs and Producers

Pipestone Vet-8134

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure …” The same advice that Benjamin Franklin gave to city leaders in Philadelphia about preventing fires in 1735 can be applied to raising livestock today. Keeping animals healthy and preventing

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