Building Foundation for Future Generations


Staying focused on their strengths, but being willing to change has been the foundation of the growth and evolution of the Dumoulin family’s farm for more than six decades. Bill and Pat Dumoulin began farming together in 1954 near Hampshire,

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International Travel Biosecurity

As the world swine population continues to grow both domestically and internationally, it can open doors to producers and veterinarians to visit production locations away from home. In some cases, this may involve going to a location which is known

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For the Love of Science…. and a Delicious Burger!

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Fact: Using antibiotics responsibly is an important part of the welfare of our animals, food safety, and sustainability. Science is an amazing tool that helps us to understand how AND WHY things work throughout the universe.  Science uses standardized methodologies,

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Foreign Animal Disease: Preparing for the Worst

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Everyone who works with pigs is likely aware of the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) across Europe and Asia. This seemly unstoppable sweeping of disease is a concern for swine farmers worldwide. Even with a vast ocean separating North

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