Episode 5: Welfare

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Listen in for Episode 5 of Swine Time with Dr. Carissa Odland as she talks about how Welfare is practiced every day at Pipestone.  

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Don’t Sweat Heat Stress

Dr. Brent Sexton

As summer approaches, so does the increased risk of heat stress and heat exhaustion. Heat stress is an economically important issue and can have severe consequences if proper precautions are not taken. Through a variety of management techniques, we can

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Talking Pigs to People


As a farmer, no one is more passionate, caring, or committed to humane care and safe food than you!  Today, only 2% of the population raise food.  Today’s consumers are more and more removed from the farm.  Summertime provides a

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Pipestone Job Listings and Career Options

Pipestone Job Opportunities We maintain and list our current employment opportunities and potential career paths are through the ADP website. If you are looking for available employment openings/positions for Pipestone please click here for our complete listing of jobs.

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