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Animal Health and Biosecurity Drive Changes, Growth for Family Operation

Harold & Pam

Adapting to a changing industry and adopting new business and management practices has allowed Harold Dekkers and his family to maintain and grow the Hawarden, Iowa, farm that has been in his family for decades. “I’ve lived in the same

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Building Foundation for Future Generations


Staying focused on their strengths, but being willing to change has been the foundation of the growth and evolution of the Dumoulin family’s farm for more than six decades. Bill and Pat Dumoulin began farming together in 1954 near Hampshire,

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It’s the Relationship with Pipestone that Keeps Vroman’s Growing for Generations to Come


For more than thirty years, Dean Vroman has been raising crops, pigs and cattle in Minnesota. While equipment and facilities have been important, his most valuable investment has most likely been the relationships he’s built with farmers and industry professionals

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Step by Step Approach to Raising Pigs

Whipple (5)

Starting as a teenager, Ryan Weinkauf has taken a step by step approach to raising pigs and building his farming operation. Ryan grew up as the third generation on his family’s farm just outside of Pipestone, Minnesota. “Dad started raising

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Meet the Sturtevants


Generations of the Sturtevant family have raised crops and livestock on the same land in northwestern Illinois since the 1850s.  While the size and scope of the farm that Mark Sturtevant owns and operates with his father, brother and cousins,

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Focus on Family Farms Leads to Partnerships and Business Opportunities

Polluma Family

For thirty years, Doug Pollema has focused on providing products and services to support family farmers around his business in northwest Iowa. Doug is a native of Hull, Iowa, and after college he started working as an outside salesman and

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Focusing on Business Basics Allows Family Farm to Thrive

Schwerin Owners Photo 2015

Focusing on sound business practices and management strategies has allowed the Schwerin family of Wood Lake, Minnesota, to build the foundation for a farm that provides opportunities for family members today and for generations to come. Dave Schwerin started farming

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A Roadmap for the Next Generation


For a northwest Iowa pork producer, an investment in the Pipestone System provided an opportunity for his operation to sustainably grow today, and presents a roadmap for the next generation to get started in livestock production. Mike Ver Steeg is

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Balancing Family Tradition with New Practices

Top Left to Right: Wesley, Jenny, and Justin.  Bottom Left to Right: Gary, Luke and Carol

  Finding a balance between carrying on family farming traditions and adopting new practices for the future can be a challenge for many farmers and livestock producers.  Gary Wedewer is the fourth generation to live on the farm in northeast

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Growing with the Future in Mind


Sustainability has become a popular term in recent years to define everything from protecting the environment to ensuring the viability of family farms over multiple generations to many other facets of modern agriculture. For the Braun family of LeSueur, Minnesota,

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