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Early Investment in Filtration Pays Dividends for Animal Health, Biosecurity

Dr. Joel Nerem

The investment in filtration equipment for sow farms that began as a “leap of faith” by Pipestone System over a decade ago has evolved into a critical element of keeping sows and piglets protected from deadly viruses. Pipestone was the

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Stop the loss! Focus on Mycoplasma and Circovirus prove profitable for pig producers.

Yaros, Joseph-resize

The goal of boosting production and profitability for pork producers has led Joseph Yaros, DVM, and veterinarian with Pipestone Veterinary Services, to focus on the control and elimination of two key pathogens. “My main objective is to help our producers

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SwineTime Podcast with Pipestone Veterinary Services

SwineTime (5)_3000

Pipestone Veterinary Services is pleased to present “Swine Time” the podcast created for the pork industry and individual pork producers around the country. Our first podcast deals with the subject of African Swine Fever and what it means to the

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Keeping Antibiotics in the Arsenal: Pigs Can Still Get Sick

Brad Greenway

By Ann Hess, editor at National Hog Farmer When the new FDA antibiotic guidance rules went into effect Jan. 1, 2017, it was a good reminder to all pig farmers that antibiotic stewardship is very important and to strive for

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Effective Execution Drives Feed Efficiency

Emily Scholtz

There are three drivers influencing cost of production today; facilities, weaned pigs and feed, with feed cost accounting for over 50% of the total cost of production. Thus, producers should be focused on either reducing feed cost or improving whole

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Animal Health and Biosecurity Drive Changes, Growth for Family Operation

Harold & Pam

Adapting to a changing industry and adopting new business and management practices has allowed Harold Dekkers and his family to maintain and grow the Hawarden, Iowa, farm that has been in his family for decades. “I’ve lived in the same

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Antibiotic resistance: Pipestone Investigates at the Farm Level

Dr. Joel Nerem

By: Ann Hess, editor at National Hog Farmer Ever since the Center for Disease Control released their 2013 report, Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, stating that each year at least 2 million people get an antibiotic-resistant infection, and

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Dr. Dee’s Research Provides Undisputable Evidence for Resposible Use of Antibiotics


On December 6, 2018, the first large-scale scientifically validated trial to better understand the importance of responsible antibiotic use in clinically sick pigs was published in PLOS ONE, the Public Library of Science. This journal is #1-2 in the world

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Measure. Monitor. Move: Three Simple Steps to Pork Production Records


MEASURE. MONITOR. MOVE.  Three simple steps to pork production records.  Well, maybe not always simple, but certainly valuable.  The 2018 USDA census puts the U.S. at 75 million pigs.  Pork production is a competitive business.  Long gone are the days

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Foreign Animal Disease: Preparing for the Worst

Brent pepin

Everyone who works with pigs is likely aware of the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) across Europe and Asia. This seemly unstoppable sweeping of disease is a concern for swine farmers worldwide. Even with a vast ocean separating North

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