Internships/Leadership Program

Our priority at Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC is our pigs, but our best asset is our people. We strive to find outstanding employees, and our internship program is one of the best ways to help us meet individuals who are ready to pursue a career in the swine industry.

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Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC: Internship Program
Our internship program offers:
· Practical, hands-on experience in all phases of swine production
· Opportunities to work with and receive guidance from respected professionals in the industry
· Opportunities to learn more about the swine industry
· Interaction with decision makers
· A professional environment for growth


Areas of Focus
Apply your interests in the swine industry through an internship focusing on all swine production areas including:
· Farrowing Training
· Gestation Training
· Grow Finish Operations
· Information bureau procedures
· Pipestone Veterinary Services warehouse procedures


Internship experiences can be altered to fit individuals under certain circumstances. Internships will be hosted at various locations throughout four different states.


Work Environment

If you are a team player, then we want you on our team at Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC. Fostering team working skills in all Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC sites has been critical to our success as a leading pork production company in the United States. Our organization prides itself on our mission statement of “Helping farmers today create the farms of tomorrow.”Throughout your time at Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC, you will have the unique opportunity to work in several of our swine facilities and meet employees in a variety of positions. Experiencing all phases of the swine industry and our company will leave students geared for a very rewarding career in the industry.Since Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC has facilities located in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and South Dakota, there is the possibility of working in one or more of these states. All Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC employees adhere to a strict biosecurity program and interns will be trained to adhere to the program too.


The Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC internship is a paid experience. If needed, housing will be provided for interns entering our program. Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC encourages students to use the internship for college credit. Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC will work with you and your college professor on requirements of attaining credit.


To apply for or inquire about the Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC internship program, please contact Nicole Paulsen at or visit


Summary of Position:

· Attain the aptitude to manage a Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC sow unit
· Train in our top swine facilities
· Relocate to different areas and states to expand your horizons
· Complete the Pipestone Emerging Leaders Program in compliance with
the Pipestone System/EMP SERV, LLC
· Learn all Production, Safety, Human Resources and Bio Security Protocols
· Develop leadership, management and organizational skills that will allow you to
effectively interact and communicate with employees, all levels of
upper management, and shareholders
· Train with experienced professionals in analyzing production issues and learning
problem solving techniques to improve production
· Work with fun and energetic co-workers who are family oriented
· Be a part of a core group who interact well with each other and strive to be the best
· Competitiveness and enthusiasm will be part of your daily adventures
· Challenging and rewarding career
· A two to four year degree in Animal Science or related agricultural field
· Livestock experience
· A passion to acquire an exciting career in the swine industry
Pipestone System/ EMP SERV, LLC has core values that we live and work to abide by:
· Integrity
· Caring
· Commitment
· Growth
· Teamwork